Strip material automatic sorting and packaging production line

Strip material automatic sorting and packaging production line

Product description

1.Overview of the program

This project is an automated production line provided by Foshan Yinzhou Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. for Guangzhou ** Biotechnology Co., Ltd.; this production line equipment includes: a set of vibration discharge device, a set of material conveying line, a recycling line, and a cycle. One set of stacking conveyor, one BKD-D-800 robot, one set of robot rack, one set of vision system, one set of special non-standard fixture, four sets of custom pneumatic suction cups, electric control cabinet, protective fence and other equipment Automatic sorting and packaging of strip materials. Some of the product drawings to achieve automated packaging are as follows:

1. Fully automatic sorting and packaging production line:

1.1 Design elements

1. Production capacity and beat: the number of qualified sorting per minute is required to be ≥80PCS
2. Special process or technical requirements: The incoming material is the whole frame, and the material needs to be transported through the conveyor line. The visual identification is used for positive and negative identification and coordinate positioning. The robot completes the sorting of the stack, and 7 stacks are completed in each tooling. material.
3. Product material: strip semi-aerated powder package.


1.2 workpiece information and current process

Manual sorting, manual packaging.
1.2.1 Workpiece product data: multiple varieties of specifications, size range is close.
1.2.2 Original product process:
        Manual turnover → manual sorting → manual packaging

1.3 Equipment used in the product: vibrating screen, conveyor line, vision system, robot


1.4 plan map and automated process flow

1.4.1 Current layout and description

Figure 3-1 Overall layout
Figure 3-3 Overall layout
Figure 2-2 Partial view

1.4.3 Automated process flow and beat description

1. The front end of the production line is docked to turn over the entire frame strip material;
2. The artificial frame material is poured into the vibration discharge mechanism, and the discharge mechanism uniformly discharges according to the set frequency;
3. After the material arrives at the material line, the material line is preliminarily sorted by the shifting gear and the gear bar;
4. After the material arrives at the waiting area, the vision system takes a picture, and the coordinate information and the positive and negative information of the product are uploaded to the robot control system, and the control system issues the sorting instruction to the robot, and the robot enters the sorting state;
5. Considering the comparison rules of the appearance dimensions of the incoming materials, and taking into account the sorting efficiency, the robot adopts two grasping and releasing methods to perform compound sorting. According to the data of visual processing, the workpieces with the same face up are grabbed and placed in a juxtaposed cycle. In the stacking tooling, after 7 layers have been accumulated, the stacking tooling is recycled to the manual boxing area for boxing operations;
6. The unsorted workpieces are returned to the vibration discharge mechanism through the circulation line for cyclic sorting.
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