Block material automatic sorting production line

Block material automatic sorting production line

Product description

1.Overview of the program

This project is an automatic sorting workstation provided by Foshan Yinzhou Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. for Dongguan ** Grain and Oil Food Co., Ltd.; this production line equipment includes: one automatic material production line, two JDR4-800 sorting robots, and customized Two sets of suction cup fixtures, one set of vision system, two sets of block material shaping devices, electric control cabinets, protective fences and other equipment complete the automatic production line of block material sorting. Some of the product drawings for automated sorting are as follows:

1. Block automatic material sorting and packaging workstations:

1.1 Design elements

1. Production capacity and tempo: the number of qualified rice noodles required per minute is ≥ 260
2. Special process or technical requirements: the incoming state is the disorderly arrangement of the steel mesh conveyor belt, the production line needs to automatically sort the material shaping; the material sorting process requires no secondary damage to the rice flour;
3. Product material: dried rice noodles, specifications 95*95*3mm, with raw edges.

1.2 workpiece information and current process

Automatic conveying, manual sorting, manual sorting.

1.2.1 Workpiece product data: Single product specification.
1.2.2 Original product process:
Disordered conveyor belt → manual sorting → manual sorting

1.3 Equipment used in the product: material conveying line, sorting robot, vision system


1.4 plan map and automated process flow

1.4.1 Current layout and description


Figure 3-1 Overall layout
Figure 3-2 Local view
Figure 3-3 Local view

1.4.2 Automated process flow and beat description

1. The front end of the production line is connected with the wire mesh belt conveying line, and the conveying line is randomly distributed to dry the block rice noodles. The block material specification is 95*95*3mm, and the incoming materials are not stacked;
2. After the front end material arrives at the docking conveyor line, the conveyor line pulls the material at a speed separation interval through a three-speed shifting conveyor line, and gradually divides the 1800-width material into three columns through the material handling mechanism during the shifting process, and maintains a certain distance;
3. When the product passes through the variable speed material line, it enters the turning conveyor line. The conveyor line makes two turns and conveys according to the layout of the workshop, and gradually approaches the sorting area, and performs two-stage sorting material again at the sorting front end to ensure the material. Entering the sorting area in the best sorting state to ensure sorting efficiency. When the material enters the sorting area, the vision system performs positioning and identification, identifies the position information and status information of the incoming material, and uploads the product coordinates to the control system. The control system synchronizes the information of the incoming materials and performs task optimization and distribution, and the two sorting robots perform coordinated sorting operations respectively;
4. After the sorting robot picks up the product, rotates and adjusts the posture according to the preset product direction, and then puts the product into the predetermined blanking port, and the sorting action is completed;
5. The subsequent blanking device performs the sorting operation according to the requirements.
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