Bag coffee robot automatic sorting and packaging workstation

Bag coffee robot automatic sorting and packaging workstation

Product description

1.Overview of the program

This project is an automated sorting workstation provided by Foshan Yinzhou Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. for Foshan ** Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; this production line equipment includes: one automatic material production line, two JDR4-800 sorting robots, JSR4- 600SCARA robots, three sets of custom-made suction cup fixtures, one set of vision system, two sets of coffee sorting and shaping devices, one set of material counting device, electric control cabinet, protective fence and other equipment to complete the automatic sorting and bagging of bagged coffee. production line. Some of the product drawings to achieve automated packaging are as follows:

1. Automatic sorting and packaging workstation for bagged coffee:

1.1 Design elements

1. Production capacity and beat: The number of qualified bags required per minute is ≥ 10 bags
Remarks: 20 sachets of coffee in each large bag
2. Special process or technical requirements: the incoming state is the disordered feeding of small bags, and the production line needs automatic sorting and shaping;
During the sorting and sorting process, the positions of the three sides of the sealing are required to be aligned, and the front and back of the stack are not required;
3. Product material: with printed three-side sealing products, the material is food-grade plastic film bag.

1.2 workpiece information and current process

Automatic conveying, manual sorting, manual sorting, manual bagging.

1.2.1 Workpiece product data: Single product specification.

1.2.2 Original product process:


1.3 Equipment used in the product: packaging machine, sorting robot, bag opener, bag sealing machine

1.4 plan map and automated process flow

1.4.1 Current layout and description

Figure 2-1 Overall layout
Figure 2-2 Overall layout
According to the concept of automatic material handling, automatic shaping, automatic detection, automatic sorting and automatic counting and clamping, the workstation replaces the existing manual sorting and manual bagging and other simple and simple work, and monitors the status and data. To achieve high-efficiency sorting and bagging work, and ensure the consistency and stability of sorting and bagging work through the optimization of the production line structure.
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